ALuK Bi Folding Doors Croydon

ALuK bi-fold doors will create a wonderfully relaxed environment to your property in Croydon. The slimmest AluK bi folds available today - Trend!

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ALuK are experts in the design and manufacture of aluminium glazing and entrance solutions and have developed a diverse range of designs that will suit every building style, whether traditional or modern. AluK aluminium bifolding door brings many features & benefits, such as enabling multiple door styles & configurations. By connecting several bi folding door sets together, you can create a complete glass wall structure.

Manufactured using toughened glass making them ideal for use in a family environment, doors are available in both dual and single aspect and in a complete range of colours and finishes. They can be inward or outward opening, with a range of glazing sizes, and a low threshold option in compliance with Part M of the Building Regulations. Doors can also be supplied with integral blinds to offer protection from the heat and the glare of the sun. The blinds are situated within the sealed double glazed units, making them dust free.

Whether you plan to create a light-filled, open-plan living space or you just want to enjoy uninterrupted views of your garden, terrace or pool, ALuK bi-fold doors Croydon will create a wonderfully relaxed environment.

Aluminium is a “green metal” with a proven service life in excess of 60 years. By using it, we are playing our part towards maintaining a sustainable world environment. Aluminium also offers high resistance to vandalism and fire damage and powder coated, highly resilient paint finishes on all our doors means there is virtually no maintenance.

FEATURES & Benefits

  • High security hinges and locks
  • Unique high strength roller design
  • Wide choice of colours
  • Unique handle design
  • Low threshold options
  • Low maintenance
  • Top and bottom shootbolts
  • Severe weather tested
  • 100% quality checked

The strength of aluminium allows the design of products with very slim sight lines, allowing maximum visibility when doors are closed and minimal frame obstruction when doors are open.

Whether your property is a traditional or a modern property in Croydon, our bifolding doors are one of the slimmest AluK bi folds available today. They also have a unique in offering both a square or profiled “soft line” detail externally which then gives you the choice of the right looking door to match your property or home.

Additionally low threshold options are available, whether you want an ultra-flat threshold, or to meet the needs of the Equalities Act 2010 in commercial applications.