ROOF Lanterns


The Slimline contemporary rooflight is designed with minimal glazing bar connectors which are narrow in order to maximize the natural light. These rooflights work well on both modern houses and period properties as the uncomplicated non fussy design fits in with both new and old. 

The powder coated aluminium profiles feature resin thermal breaks to prevent condensation, Styrofoam inserts increase thermal insulation further still resulting in a very well insulated minimalistic design without the need for large chunky ridges and ridge ends. Available in both Double or Triple glazing options and opening rooflights for natural ventilation.


Our very high performance triple glazed flat rooflights are manufactured using our suite of extruded aluminium profile, thermally broken with two 20mm polyamide insulating sections and insulated with styrofoam inserts within the extrusion cavities. 

The glass is 6mm toughened safety & can be supplied in clear, subtle blue tint or bronze for glare reduction and sand blasted for obscure privacy. 

This product is factory glazed with a 50mm Triple glazed argon filled and soft coat low E insulating glass unit.


We use a specialist external coating on the glass to protect it from discolouration and to provide easy clean properties. These rooflights are triple glazed as standard with a product U-value of O.6w/m2k. 

  • 1000mm x 1000mm 
  • 1000mm x 1500mm 
  • 1000mm x 2000mm 
  • 1000mm x 2500mm 
  • 1200mm x 1500mm
  • 1200mm x 2000mm 
  • 1400mm x 1500mm 
  • 1400mm x 2000mm 
  • 1200mm x 2500mm
  • 700mm x 3000mm
International Security, Land Security Services
International Security, Land Security Services
  • Ready assembled for Easy Installation
  • 50mm Triple glazed in 6mm toughened glass.
  • Built in rigid thermally broken aluminum kerb.
  • Low Profile, Contemporary style, Glass colour options
  • Reflex+ Self Cleaning, Super low U-value 0.6 as standard
  • 20 Year unit seal warranty as standard


  • Built in telescopic rails to slide open self supported
  • Opens up to 2m x 1m for full ventilation and access
  • Amazing ventilation free open view of sky without roofvent
International Security, Land Security Services
International Security, Land Security Services
  • Manual or electric options
  • Clean lines, eliminates the clutter of roofvents
  • Electric option comes with remote fob and rocker switch


Available in both Double or Triple glazing with solar control and privacy options all easy clean treated as standard to give reduced cleaning maintenance and glass protection. 

Because the glazing connectors are so narrow to maximise light transmission we colour them satin black to match the black silicone seals of the glass units which they neatly follow. 

Colour Combinations: Black, Grey or White.

International Security, Land Security Services


The specialist walk on glass is sometimes specified by architects where the rooflight is required to be sunk into a floor so that it can be walked on to create a dramatic visual effect, letting natural light into cellars below or exposing features within a building such as workings, water or archaeology. The rooflight is triple glazed as standard and features an extruded aluminium kerb, thermally broken with two 20mm polyamide insulating sections to create a triple cavity design. Our stunning walk on rooflights are designed for flat installation and can be sunk into a patio or decking area to create a flush fit walk on glass design. We manufacture the rooflight in our factory with a high specification 22.5mm toughened/laminate external glass pane that finishes square to the edge with a total height including structural kerb of 138mm.